media commentaries, interviews, op-eds

Full-length op-ed/articles:

  • “AI: Behind the Buzzword”. In Safeguard Magazine, March/April 2024, Issue 198. link
  • “Opinion: AI is already taking NZ jobs — what needs to be done”. In The NZ Herald, 31st, March 2024. link non-paywall
  • “NZ’s political leaders are ignoring the mounting threats from AI — and that’s putting everyone at risk” In The Conversation, 5th October 2023. link
  • ” We built an algorithm that predicts the length of court sentences — could AI play a role in the justice system?”. In The Conversation, 30th November 2022. link

Interviewed for (print/online):

  • “AI revolution: Why the speed of human job losses is causing concern”. In The NZ Herald, 28th March 2024. link
  • “‘Unauthorised’: NZ authors’ books used to train big tech AI”.In The NZ Herald, 16th November 2023. link
  • “How is AI affecting the election?”. In The Post, 6th October 2023. link
  • “10 ways AI is making life better”. In Your Weekend, 30th September 2023. link
  • “Political parties must outline AI strategy, regulation — tech industry”. In RNZ, 4th September 2023. link
  • “ScamGPT: Hackers and criminals are harnessing the power of AI”. In The New Daily (AU), 20th July 2023. link
  • “Purpose-built facial recognition software aims to identify individual kākā”. In The Dominion Post, 5th November 2021. link

Interviewed for (live radio/podcast):

  • “What is Artificial Intelligence?”. On the Smooth Brain Society (Podcast), October 2023. link
  • “Missing from the Campaign trail: AI in New Zealand”. On Radio One 91FM, 9th October 2023. link
  • “Andrew Lensen: AI lecturer says social media platforms work to keep users engaged”. On The Mike Hosking Breakfast, Newstalk ZB, 28th July 2023. link
  • “AI and the Justice System”. On RNZ The Panel, 5th December 2022. link
  • “AI and the Justice SYstem”. On ABC Canberra (AU), 5th December 2022.

Expert opinion/comment (written and recorded):

  • “AI and Mental Health”. Newstalk ZB, 11th April 2024.
  • “AI Safety Summit in the UK — Expert Reaction”. Science Media Centre, 1st November 2023. link
  • “Tech experts call for parties to announce AI strategy”. On RNZ, 4th September 2023. link
  • “The impact of Meta’s algorithms during the 2020 US election — Expert Reaction”. Science Media Centre, 28th July 2023. link